Local Experiences: Supporting the Local Community

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  • Meal with a local Family in Petra
  • Home-made traditional local meals in Dana Biosphere Reserve (Dana Guesthouse, Rummana Campsite ad Feynan Ecolodge), Azraq Wetland Reserve (the Lodge), Ajloun Forest Reserve, and Mujib Biosphere Reserve.
  • Azraq Lodge’s Chechen Kitchen


  • Ajloun forest Reserve: The Soap House, The Biscuit House, The House of Calligraphy.
  • Azraq Wetland: Azraq Ostrich Egg Design Workshop, Azraq Silk Screen Printing Workshop, Azraq Packaging Workshop, Azraq Educational Toys Workshop, Azraq Recycling Workshop, Azraq Tailor Workshop
  • Mujib Biosphere Reserve: Mujib Silver Making Workshop, Mujib Medicinal Herbs Workshop, Mujib Sandblasting Workshop,
  • Dana Biosphere Reserve: Dana Jewelry-Making Workshop, Dana Fruit-Drying Workshop, Feynan Candle Making Workshop, Feynan Leather Workshop


  • Sea Glass Jewelry Making Experience
  • Henna and Kohl Drawings Experience
  • Bottled Sand Art Experience
  • Local Sayadia Food making Experience
  • Fishing with a local Fisherman
  • String Art Experience
  • Mosaic Art Experience
  • Pottery restoration Experience
  • Clay Formation Experience
  • Cooking Class