Dana Nature Reserve - Jordan

Dana is an unparalleled haven of peace and tranquility and an extraordinary world of natural treasures. It is an experience that defines the meaning of the phrase, ‘going back to nature’. Here you can meditate amid the quiet stillness of the mountains, sleep under the stars, enjoy fresh air and cooling breezes, or track the footprints of the marvelous wildlife endemic to this terrain.

Dana offers a vast diversity of landscapes; there are wooded highlands, rocky slopes, sand dunes and stony deserts. There is a whole wilderness to explore and a variety of flora and fauna to be discovered. Moreover, visitors have the opportunity to meet and get to know the native people of Dana; the kind and hospitable Ata'ta tribe, who have made this their home for the past 400 years, continuing the tradition of settlement in the area that began more than 6000 years ago.

Whether it’s for individual travelers, families, school groups, meetings, incentives, or conferences, Dana, has much to offer.

The Nature Reserve, set over 308 square kilometers, extends from the top of the Jordan Rift valley in the North, down to the desert lowlands of Wadi Araba. It covers the beautiful sites of the Rummana Mountain, the ancient archaeological ruins of Feynan, the Dana village, and the sandstone cliffs of Wadi Dana. It is home to 600 species of plants, 190 species of birds, and 37 species of mammals. Archaeological discoveries show evidence of Paleolithic, Egyptian, Nabataean, and Roman presence in the area.

Dana Nature Reserve at Sunset

Dana Nature Reserve at Sunset


Take the Kings’ Highway south from Amman and pass by Kerak and Tafila. Over 20 km from Tafila, between the villages of Rashadiyya and Qadisiyya, there are two sign posted roads, one to Rummana Campsite and one to Dana village. You can reach Feynan Campsite either by foot from Dana, or take the Dead Sea Highway from Amman, and then a side road to the village of Greigra. From there you can hire a 4X4 vehicle with a driver / guide to Feynan.

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