About Jordan Geography

Jordan Geography for Travel and Tourism was established in the year 2018 by a qualified staff and management with an experience of more than 30 years in the field with a new idea centered on giving a new image about tourism in Jordan focusing on keeping pace with the development of tourism thought and its integration with local activities in Jordan where we believe that the return to traditions gives a comprehensive picture of the tourist about the nature of local life and how it gained these traditions throughout history by keeping pace with the different ancient civilizations in Jordan, in addition to giving an idea about the nature of the hospitality according to customs and social traditions.

Our history is ancient and many different civilizations have joined it throughout history, and this is what we always want to give a comprehensive idea about and focus on it through our programs and events included during the tourist visit.

Our tourism services and programs are varied, and we focus in each program by giving tourists the experience of local activities in order to enrich their visit and give a more complete picture of the areas they will visit and focus on giving all tourist information covering the history, civilization and future of the region.

The staff collects experience and knowledge of all tourist areas and are able to build tourism programs and organize appropriate trips on demand with high professionalism.

Our Services:

  • Tourist programs for individuals and groups

  • Business trips and special VIP services

  • Special Honeymoon trips

  • Rent a car with or without driver

  • Education field trips for students

  • Sports and Activities Tours

  • Photography Special Tours

  • Special trips for companies and employees

  • Religious trips in Jordan and the Holy Land

  • One-day trips and excursions to all tourist areas from any spot in Jordan

  • Family trips that include different activities for adults and children

  • Adventure trips, mountaineering, hiking and camping activities

  • Organizing exhibitions and conferences

  • Organizing meetings and special gatherings

  • Tourist guides speaking common languages

Our Vision:

We aspire to be one of the pioneering companies in our field in the region and to be specialized and constructive of a new idea for tourism in Jordan, we will always search for development in our field by staying in constant contact with our agents and collecting ideas and suggestions from them during and when they finish their visit.

Our Mission:

We will work hard to satisfy all of our clients in our beloved country and we will always look for new ideas that enrich our tours and programs and develop better recreational services.

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